Before you make reservation

About charges
  • Charges vary depending on the each plan.
  • All the plan included breakfast, dinner, tax and bathing tax.
  • Every room has their own hearth and bath.
  • Breakfast and dinner will be served in the room.
  • We will take upgrade cuisine order by request. (additional cost)
  • Celebration cake is available such as birthday, wedding, or anniversary. (additional cost)
  • Charges for child *If one person is a child when you book a room for two
12 or older adult price
8 or older 70% of adult price meal (Japanese kids style)+bedding
6 or older 50% of adult price meal (Japanese kids style)+bedding
5 and younger 2,000yen- (please contact us for more information)


  • Your check in and check out time will vary by each plan.
    Facilities such as Zen spa and chartered open-air bath is available at anytime until your cheek in.
    Zen spa  :60 minuets for 16,000yen-
    Chartered open air bath  :45 minuets for 2,000yen-
  • It is possible to extend a room per hour for check out as 10,000yen per room. Please check in advance because it may not available due to availability.


We accept reservations 6 month prior from your stay.
  • Reservation by phone
It is very busy when reservation open in the morning. Please understand if a phone doesn’t get connected right away.
  • Reservation my website

When making a reservation by phone, we will continue to credit card payment procedures. When making a reservation, please make sure you have a credit card on hand.
(Accepted credit cards: VISA / MASTER / AMEX / JCB / DISCOVER / DINERS)

We have a courtesy car for additional charges to the guest who wish.
  • One way from Kumamoto airport 16,500 yen
  • One way from Fukuoka airport 36,000 yen
We have charter taxi or rent a car deal as well.
Please visit the traffic web for more information.
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About cancellation

  • Cancellation fee
4-7 days before 30%
day before – 3days 50%
same day 100%
cancel without contact 100%

Please click here to make a cancellation

Golden week, Obon and New year period are special period.