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Frequently Asked Questions
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  • Can you connect to the Internet in the room?
  • A free internet connection service via Wi-Fi is available.
    ※ Thank you for your understanding that radio waves may be bad.
  • Is it Non-smoking or smoking area?
  • You can smoke in the guest room. Please pay attention to extinguish after you smoke.
    We do have ash tray and smoking area in the hotel if you would like to beside your room.
  • Does the mobile phone connecting?
  • There is a diffidence by location and mobile phone company.
    Docomo and au leads throughout the hotel.
    Its difficult to connect Softbank below riverbed garden rooms which “Shienan”, “Omachian”, and “Bijyoan”.
  • What is a “bamboo grove water” (chikurinsui)?
  • Takefue has a water source on site and we called the springs water “chikurinsui”.
    “Chikurinsui” is a high purity clean delicious water and we received permit from the health center.
    We utilized a “chikurinsui” ‘s rich minerals in all area so water is available from any faucet at Takefue.
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  • Is there a private bath?
  • There are hour private open-air bath. You will need to make reservation to have a private open-air bath. (45minutes for a private bath)
    Available for all the hotel guest as complimentary service.
    Each open-air bath has set of towel. We will give you a towel when you use the cave bath at the front desk.
    Please concat to the front desk to cheek availability.
  • What is the temperature of the bath? Is it adjustable?
  • We change the temperature by seasons.
    Temperature is (Spring : 42 degree, Summer : 41 degree, Fall : 42 degree, Winter 43 degree).
    We can adjust your indoor bath temperature if you let us know when you make a reservation.
    It is possible to adjust by your preferences.
    Please adjust: blue bulb when water is hot, red bulb when water is lukewarm.
    Red : original source water
    Blue : Chikurinsui
    * Some bath doesn’t have a bulb, so please feel free to contact to the front desk.
  • Available for a day trip?
  • Yes. We do have a day trip plan.
    Hot spring plan or private open-air bath plan if you’re planning to use only bath.
    We have variety of lunch plan as well. Please feel free to inquire about the plan.
  • Do you have a public bath?
  • No. Not available.
    Our bath is all private. We eliminate the large public bath to pleasure your own private space.
    Its on first come first serve basis to reserve the day, so please make a reservation in advance.
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  • Do I need to make reservation for sauna (chikuganyoku)?
  • it is available to make reservation on the day for sauna, private open-air bath and zen spa.
    However, we recommended to book in advance since it may crowded.
  • Is there shower other than the guest room?
  • Yes,there is. There are two shower room at sauna, and Chiurinnoyu, and Cave open air bath for one each site.
    We prepare shampoo, conditioner, and body soap for each places.
    Sauna’s shower room is warm even winter time when you feel cold in your room’s shower room.
  • Is Zen spa available for men?
  • Yes. Men are also available.
  • Is spa has a regular holiday?
  • No, there is not. Please feel free to contact us at anytime.
  • Can I use the Zen spa without accommodation?
  • Yes, It is available in the zen spa building.
  • Can you hear the sounds of nature at Takefue?
  • Yes you can. You can enjoy natural sound of swaying bamboo grass, chirping of birds etc…
    We play healing music in the hotel corridor and open-air bath area to protect guest from wild animals.
    We ask for your understand and acknowledge.
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  • Where is a dining room?
  • You can enjoy breakfast and dinner at your room.
  • I dislike some ingredients, what should I do?
  • Please contact us so we will prepare dishes using other ingredients you like.
  • How many people can have meal?
  • Its is possible a maximum of up to 6 people at Waraku room.
    Please contact us in advance.
  • Is it possible to have lunch in the hotel?
  • Yes we do. We have available for additional fee.
    Please feel free to contact about a menu.
  • Do you have any supper?
  • Yes, we do. We have available for additional fee.
    Please feel free to contact about a menu.
  • Can I choose the time for breakfast and dinner?
  • Yes, you can. 18:00, 18:30, or 19:00 for dinner. 8:00, 8:30 or 9:00 for breakfast.
    You can choose the time to start your meal.
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  • Do you ha ve transportation?
  • Yes we do. Complimentary from Kurokawa bus station and available from Kumamoto airport(15,000 one way). Please feel free to inquire.
  • Is it possible to travel by car during winter?
  • It is a rare to become impassable due to the heavy snowfall.
    However, it may show or freeze from December to February. So we will ask you to have chain or studless tire for safety.
  • Is it possible to arrange taxi at once?
  • It takes little time for taxi to get the hotel.
    Please book a taxi at front desk in advance.
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  • Can children stay?
  • Yes, they can.
    However, there are no handrails on the verandah of Kokyu, Sayo Bettei Tenku and Amato rooms.
    For safety reasons, guests under 20 years old are required to have a consent form of use.
  • Is it possible to book the day?
  • Basically, we ask you to reserve the day before, please feel free to contact us.
  • Can one person stay?
  • Yes. We accept reserve accommodation per person. Please feel free to inquire.
  • Can I pay by credit card?
  • Yes you can. We accept the folioing credit card; VISA, Master, JCB, Diners, American Express, UC.
  • Can I booked for the few months advance?
  • We accept five month prior to reservation.
  • What time is check-in?
  • Check-in stars 15:30 for all rooms. We cannot check you in before 15:30.
    However, Zen spa and private open-air bath are available in the facilities.
    Zen spa :60 minuets -16,000yen
  • What time is Check-out?
  • All rooms at the hotel check out at 11:00.
    It is possible to extend until 13:00 with 10,000yen per hour/per room.
    *It may not be able to accept due to availability, so please check in advance.
  • I’d like to stay consecutive night, may I change the room on second nights?
  • Yes, it is possible.
    All the room type is different at Takefue so please enjoy to stay at various room.
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  • What is the speciality of Kumamoto?
  • The most famous thing is a horse sashimi.
    We will bring horse sashimi for your dinner at Takefue.
    And also horse oil is famous as well.
    We sell Kumamoto’s special product such as horse oil and horse oil soap at Takefue.
  • Can I purchase pajamas or towel?
  • Yes, you can. You can inquire at the reception desk upon your visit.
    All items including pajamas, towels and facial water are our originalproducts which you can purchase here.
  • Can I purchased Takefue’s souvenir on the Internet?
  • We’re sorry. Currently, Internet sales are not available.
    Please purchase souvenir when you visit us.

Please contact to us for additional question by E-mail, or call.

5725-1 Manganji Oaza Minamiogunicho Asogun Kumamoto, 869-2402
Telephone +81-570-064-559